Made for NY winters. My vodka comes with a parkaA walk through NYC @newyork @instagood @newyork_instagramCheck Check. Copy thatDamn! just found an old ticket to a @redmangilla concert ft. Tragedy Khadafi from ’98 thrown by 2 Friends Promotions @djmars404MondaysHaving fun experimenting. Making some Honey Chipotle sauce that I’ll be trying on some wings tonight. Chipotle for the smokey sweetness and some jalepenos for the kick because for some reason this supermarket didn’t have any other hot peppers. Wth? It still came out pretty good. Next time Ill try the habenero I really wanted@thexx show was dope. Glad i finally got to see them loveSetting upBaked Honey Chipotle Habanero WingsBaked Honey Chipotle Habanero WingsCookin up a lil sumthin sumthin*FOR SALE* Got the JUST BLAZE Saucony Casino Bundle. Sneakers (size 10 1/2) with extra laces, Tote Bag, Playing Cards w/ Dice, T-Shirt (Large) along with the Limited Reverseable Bucket Hat. *DEAD STOCKChecking out my friend @theempressofstyle pop-up shop at @shopworship in Brooklyn.Japan thanks for the memoriesOut in Akihabara eating Taiyaki and listening to @Nas “if i ruled the worldWHO you lookin at? (outside an owl cafeYoung TunaAutumn leaves at the Nijo Castle garden in KyotoJust tried oysters. Not bad at all. Kinda weird after tasteBar Albatross in ShinjukiLit columns at the Arashiyama tram stationCool little Tram on the way to the Sagano bamboo grove in Arashiyama, KyotoAnother shot of the guard tower with a moat and all. This place was amazing. Unfortunately you are not allowed to take pictures of the insideOne of the Nijo Castle guard towersYou know what they say. When one door closesCool little pond in the garden of Nijo Castle. Wouldn’t mind sitting out here on a warm summer dayMore architecture at the Nijo CastleCool looking tree in the garden of the Nijo CastleThe architecture and design at the Nijo Castle is awesome. Great attention to detail inside and outDinner Tiiiime! Japanese beef curry with Katsudon (fried pork cutlets). This is AMAZING! Just needs some hot sauce. The pork isn’t oily or even overly heavy. Oh and don’t forget a cold AsahiEntrance to the Nijo Castle in KyotoBento Box for the Bullet Train ride to kyotoMore RamenChillin out in RoppongiGundam StyleTHE BEST sushi i have ever had in my lifeBling Bling everytime I come around your city Bling Bling. Just kidding it’s only 80 bucks. LmaoTurns out Mario Kart is real. Where do I sign up?Constructing ShibuyaAnthony Bourdain put me onThat Shinjuki street musicRoxanne! You don’t have to to turn on the red lightRandom alley in KabukichoDon’t judge me… Just tried horse meat with garlic and it wasn’t bad at all. Kinda like salamiChicken and onion skewers well doneApparently the new Yeezys are out and everyone’s rushing to get someOh baby! Pass the meats. (don’t be afraid to try new thingsCold chicken skin. Definitely an acquired tasteCurrently lost in translation in some back alleys of ShibuyaSome giant dude takin a pic of me takin a pic of himIm just sayinSeaweed wrapped rice and chicken thingyHot coffee in a can? From a vending machine? Yeah, i can get with this. Better than StarbucksOh its about to go downTo Sake or not to SakeTokyo’s wild manCheck out my homie @richnicedigital tonight on the showoff radio with @statikselekt. Learn something about the music business from a music industry veteran. @anrroomThat Queens connection. ( #7)Queens sunsets # retroSmokey GrillinYoooo! These are insanely goodMy yogurt knows what’s upSwimming off of Jost Van Dyke @instagoodA beautiful day on Jost Van Dyke @instagood@instagoodBeautiful beaches of St Thomas @instagoodSt Thomas flow @instagoodA recent throwback with the homies @producerjazz @lovenotes @dominiqrising and @thecitizenbrownCookin chicken in the outdoor kitchenThat one time when @itstracyg and I photo bombed @thehappyhourwhb’s picture with @djpremier, @royceda59, @torae, and @realsway during sxswWith my homie @bigpictureboom at the @esc_artists event a couple of weeks ago. Good TimesA little bit of sunshine. I ishootnyc.comBrought the ipod back. Listening to that @willdivide killer tape.with the exclusive green cheese doodles in bulkENOUGH already with the dirty wet socksThis Taco Spot is ever-y-thaaaaang. If you’re ever downtown and hungry check this place out. thank me later. 😉 (essex taqueriamood itsmine hiphop mobbdeepOn the right track? I ishootnyc.comMy network is serious. 😂😂😂 I ishootnyc.comTook this a couple of weeks ago when it was foggy out. Maybe its the creepy factor in movies that makes fog interesting to me. I ishootnyc.comRedman (@redmangilla) came through and ripped it during the Sway (@realsway) in the morning concert series this morning. IUmmmm… 😂😂😂😂😂✌Bucket list ish. Had the honor of shooting @realsway interview @iamdiddy yesterday. Craziness. Hit for the video. I.Shout to ths homie DJ EFN @whoscrazy for the goodies. Crazy Hoodie gonna keep me warm this winter. Check out his hip-hop docs on @revolttvThe ever elusive concrete berry. I ishootnyc.comFriday Island DreaminPuttin in that work. Shout my bro @sergesdmMaaan i love the peace and serenity of the country. I ishootnyc.comA little bit of sunshine. I ishootnyc.comLights, camera, action. I ishootnyc.comAll cleared up and ready to go back home. It sure was an adventure. Forest Hills Drive tour in San Diego I ishootnyc.comSome of that tarmac action. But where’s my flight bro? Forest Hills Drive tour in San Diego I ishootnyc.comPassing time at the airport while the weather clears. Forest Hills Drive tour in San Diego I ishootnyc.comNext day we’re stranded at the airport for 12 hours. YIKES. Forest Hills Drive tour in San Diego I ishootnyc.comEnded off the night shooting an interview backstage. Forest Hills Drive tour in San Diego. Pt4 I ishootnyc.comDope shot of Jcole mid song. Forest Hills Drive tour in San Diego. Pt3 I ishootnyc.comPuttin’ in that work. Forest Hills Drive tour in San Diego. Pt2 I ishootnyc.comLast weekend was crazy. Went to the Forest Hills Drive tour in San Diego. Pt1 I ishootnyc.comJuly 20, 2015 (3:26 am)Holy crap. This is ONLY half the sandwichRockin out with these Air Max 90 HBs I ishootnyc.comThe view.Ridin Dirty. I ishootnyc.comThat Samosa LifeBeach life. I ishootnyc.comIsland Dreamin.. I ishootnyc.comJason Alexander aka George Costanza came thru and played a round of poker with @Realsway using “chips”. No double dipping bro IShot this video of @jdoeworld slayin the mic with @conglomerateent on @funkflex @hot97 I ishootnyc.comThe GoodFella Ray Liota came by and hung with @realsway and the crew last week. – check out the interview on IOh baby! I ishootnyc.comGolden Sunsets. I ishootnyc.comOut there rippin through the ocean on a small boat taking it all in I ishootnyc.comBlue Skies and Palm Trees I ishootnyc.comView #2 from hotel #2 I ishootnyc.comView #1 from the hotel #2 I ishootnyc.comRandom woman walking by during my sunset shot I ishootnyc.comCheers to the weekend. I ishootnyc.comBoats and Boats and Boats. Pulling up to customs on Tortola. I ishootnyc.comSunset on St. Thomas. I ishootnyc.comThe beautiful beaches of Jost Van Dyke. I Beach + Sun + Drinks. I ishootnyc.comCreepin in Paradise. I ishootnyc.comParadise Palm Trees I ishootnyc.comHappy 35th to me. Im out on Jost Van Dyke BVI havin the best timeOut here workin continues. Shout to the bros @richnicedigital and @tristormusviLong winding roads in the middle of no where up in the mountains of St ThomasCurrent situation. Mountain top villa overlooking the oceanLunch was off the hook. Fresh out of the seaGood Morning. I ishootnyc.comNYC After Dark. Definitely one of my favorites from the collection. I ishootnyc.comJamie Foxx (@iamjamiefoxx) came by and had @Realsway and the crew dyin of laughter. Check out the hilarious interview at IThat time AD-ROCK of the Beastie Boys came thru and hung with @realsway and the crew. ILast Night was Mad Real. I ishootnyc.comThis is an Mp3 from Back in the day. Before we had ipods. One of us would buy an album and we would all dub it to have a copy for ourselves. BIGGIE! I ishootnyc.comSummer Time dreamin.. I ishootnyc.comJeremy Piven (@howulivinjpiven) came by and hung with @realsway and crew yesterday. ICrazy Night at @jozifbadmon crib with @itstracyg and @justszaSupport the homie @jdoeworld new record “iongivafuhabownuhn” fiiiire! Also I shot Mack Wilds and Murda Mook’s parts I ishootnyc.comCalifornia Dreamin’. No snow and lots of sun. I ishootnyc.comNever Stop! F’ em!Thinking warm thoughtsAnother from. Miss the experience and weather. I ishootnyc.comThe Chef Raekwon (@raekwon) was live in the studio with @Realsway I INew exclusive goodness. Thanks to @kellykinkaid, @Realsway, and Reebok.Forgot to post this from last week. I was on my way to the car after watching the superbowl and thought i hit the jackpot.. Someone had dropped a folded up $50 bill. Nope. They got ME! Just a stupid ad for something. Damn you scammers! LOL. 😢Pomegranates are the best. I ishootnyc.comMiss Universe (@misscolombiauniverse) turned out to be super funny and down to earth. IThe Dark sunset. Another one of my favorites from. I ishootnyc.comIn the middle of a snow storm dreaming of beaches and boats. I ishootnyc.comNaomi Campbell (@iamnaomicampbell) came by and hung out with @Realsway and the crew. I IEve and Jill Scott were live in the studio with @Realsway yesterday. ILupe Fiasco (@lupefiasco) came by amd dropped some jewels on the show with @Realsway. IBrick in NY and all im thinking about is being back on st thomas feelin toasty in the sun. I ishootnyc.comJoey BadA$$ (@jozifbadmon) came by the studio with @Realsway yesterday. IGeorge Lopez (@georgelopez) had us crackin up on the show yesterday with @Realsway. IThe beautiful Angela Bassett in the studio with @Realsway yesterday. ITwista (@twistagmg) in the studio with @Realsway. IThe Manny Pacquiao (@emmanuelpacquiao) 1-2 on @Realsway in the morning. IThat Manny Pacquiao (@emmanuelpacquiao) Jab on @Realsway in the morning. ILegendary Tommy Chong (@heytommychong) of Cheech and Chong came by and kicked it with @Realsway this morning. I I #420Back in NY freezing cold in a snow storm ❄ wishing I was still here. ISunset shot in St Thomas. IYesterday at the beachJust kick back and relax. IIsland + Villa + Infinity pool = party time. IWhat a view. What a view! Wooo! This place is crazy. I may never come backOhhhhhh buuuuuddddyyyyy! Its going Down! Me and @RICHNICEDIGITAL about to go inone of my favorites from the trip so far. IWatermelon 🍉 Soda. HmmmNew Years Eve was insane. Ive always wanted to spend nyes on an island and thanks to @richnicedigital it finally happened. Great way to start 2015. Its all UP from here. IYachts, Yachts, YachtsPulling up to the island New Years Eve. IOh nothin.. Just YachtinNew Years Eve HERE! InsaneThe day shot… It’s so laid back here. Im loving it. IIt’s amazing out here. ISuper Proud and Happy for the bro @moneymakinnique. Keep hustlin!Big Ol’ Christmas OrnamentsMore from the cali adventures I ishootnyc.comFabolous (@myfabolouslife) came by the show and hung out with @Realsway and the crew. INe-Yo (@neyo) was live in the studio with @Realsway INe-Yo (@neyo) came through this morning and serenaded the listeners on @Realsway in the morning. IBig Sean (@bigsean) was live in the studio with @Realsway this morning. IBTS The homie @thehappyhourwhb dropping jewels for a secret/not so secret documentary at D&D/HEADQCOURTERZ&dRan in to Jeru the Damaja (@jeru_thedamaja) at D&D/HEADQCOURTERZ. Real Hip-hop heads know&dPremier’s tracking vinyl. Shout to my homie @thehappyhourwhb for the trip back in time&dSome of DJ Premier’s personal record collection! Whew! LEGENDARY! Not many people get the chance to see one of the illese producer’s workspace. I was feelin like a kid in a candy store&dMaaaaan! LEGENDARY D&D Studios (r.i.p) aka DJ Premier’s HEADQCOURTERZ Studios. Every rapper that was anybody in the 90s recorded here. Filmed one of my first interviews here with Tony Touch back in 19951996&dThrowback central. One of my favorite joints of all time. Brings me back to when i was a young kid interning for Trackmasters. Anton, the a&r on this project let me hear it before it went out to the masses. I was in his office rockin to this on repeat for hoursGot MineWinter times I ishootnyc.comChris Rock came by the studio the other day to talk to @Realsway about his new film Top 5. ICameron Diaz (@camerondiaz) live in the studio with @Realsway IXXL Magazine @genasisishere. @otgenasisAt my cousin’s (@desiredangel) wedding.My view right nowJust another day. Wiz Khalifa show at Webster Hall with the homie @genasisishere.Day Dreamin of that heat and sun. NY weather sucks right nowtruth getit hustle neverstopMissing the heat right now… I ishootnyc.comTrina (@trinarockstarr) is live in the studio with @Realsway IThe God Father of Hip-hop Afrika Bambaataa in the studio with @Realsway IGood MorninT-Pain (@tpain)was live with @Realsway. IRemy Ma (@therealremyma) was live in the Concert Studio with @Realsway. IFresh out the kitchen. Eggs, honey ham, avocado, sautéed onions, fresh cracked black pepper, sriracha and ketchupWith the homie @thecitizenbrown last night at the @esc_artists event.French Montana (@frenchmontana) is live in the studio with @Realsway I IBoyz 2 Men were live in the studio with @Realsway this morning IIron @MikeTyson came through the show with @Realsway this morning. ISiriusXM getting in the spirit. I ishootnyc.comI swear I’m gonna end up moving to Cali. I ishootnyc.comSaaaaweeet surprise package from the homie and amazing artist @renomsadYou can’t see all the chairs in the shot but we had created our own little fort/vip section in Bryant Park this summer. Lol. Good times!StarksLegendaryLast Night was crazy. I ishootnyc.comThe Wow (@whoisthewow) was live in the studio this morning. IMissing that Cali heat/life right now. I ishootnyc.comWelcome to New York City#11Watch ya step kidSpaghetti ala carbonara. BANGINThe battle continuesOh yeah. I ishootnyc.comOut here puttin in that work. I ishootnyc.comLate night skies. I ishootnyc.comLate night sky porn. I ishootnyc.comAmish Country. I ishootnyc.comI ishootnyc.comWhen the electricity in your brain starts flowing. I ishootnyc.comJames McAvoy aka Charles Xavier was live in the studio with @Realsway ISkrillex @skrillex is live in the studio with @Realsway. IMore sky. I ishootnyc.comI ishootnyc.comWatching the sky. I ishootnyc.comEmpire state of mind. I ishootnyc.comAt Grand Marnier tasting their 1880 blend for the first time. $360 a bottle. Pretty good. Shout. To @thehappyhourwhb. I ishootnyc.comRandom photo of nothingness but i like the textures and colors. I ishootnyc.comThat one loner can. 😎 I ishootnyc.comCans on cans on cans. I ishootnyc.comJessica Alba (@jessicaalba) came by to tell @realsway about her nww movie. IShaqzilla aka Shaqfu aka 1 of the greatest to do it (@shaq) showed me his championship ring after his interview with @realsway. IVROOM VROOM Gt350 @mistersingh I ishootnyc.comDilated Peoples (@evidence @djbabuforeal @therealrakaa) ripped it on the concert series today. I IMegan Fox (@the_native_tiger) was live in the studio with @Realsway I ICaught this super talented violinist (@joyabravo) on the subway platform. NY sure got some super talented people.Vote for the homie @renomsad designDude caught two baby sharks at Coney Island. WildConey island is poppin right nowAt Coney Island and i ran into this guy. Think i just saw a young tom hanks run byThe new ride. You know how we do!Video Games with Ashley.Miss USA Nia Sanchez (@realmissnvusa) was live in the studio with @Realsway IWiz khalifa (@mistercap) rapping in here with @realsway I@nas if i ruled the world@2chainz atThe legendary @nas killin Illmatic atfestival with the homie @realsway@djwonderpics Rippin shit up on stage right nowThe homie @murs316 killin Minneapolis right nowThe rooftop party is on @ Seven downtown MinneapolisMakin us some delicious guac with part of the crew.The bar at my hotel serves old school coke in a bottle. JACKPOTLove me some AirMaxesCustom @pellepelleclothing Bad Boy Records (@iamdiddy) leather. Need one of these just on nostalgia. Reminds me of the great music Bad boy and Biggie put out in the 90s. They were killin it. I I ishootnyc.comLove Spring/Summer in the city. I ishootnyc.comI was feeling really hungry and this trophy looked too good not to bite. I ishootnyc.comBeautiful Night in NYC. I ishootnyc.comJust wrapped up and time to go home.Get your tickets to an Art event like no other. ESCAPE ARTJennifer Lopez (@jlo) was live in the studio with @Realsway. IFeels like my own private Roots concert. @blackthought and @questlove are in here with @realsway. IMom made that bangin’ chicken makhani aka butter chicken last night. IForget Starbucks.. This Indian instant coffee is amazing. Definitely my favorite, along with Cafe Bustelo. I ishootnyc.comWith the beautiful and talented @zoesaldana. Queens connection. I IZoe Saldana (@zoesaldana) was live in the studio with @RealSway ISeth Rogen (@sethrogen) in the studio with @RealSway I ILmaoooo. IRacks IPharrel (@pharrell) was live in the studio with @RealSway. I@steveaoki came by and explained caking his fans on @realsway in the morning. IStickers and stickers at the @renomsad compoundOmelet flow3 Years Cigarette Free and feeling GreatCheckin out the fresh leathers from @pellepelleclothing with the homie John GHaven’t had it since last summer and I almost forgot how amazing this stuff is. Definitely my favorite flavor. I need cases on deck for summerSunset in NY. I ishootnycJust hanging with my boo @mindykaling. I ishootnyc.comFirst time seeing @therealtechn9ne and waa crazy!@TRAEABN ripping it.@mayday Killin it right nowTHE MAN Mr. Russell Simmons on @realsway in the morning live fromlive broadcast from @nicekicksNice Kicks. Austin Texas. We im hereChelsea Handler (@chelseahandler) was live in the studio with @RealSway IAshanti (@ashanti) is live in the studio with @RealSway IMatt Leblanc aka Joey Tribbiani in the studio with @RealSway ISports Illustrated swimsuit model Jessica Gomes (@iamjessicagomes) was live in the studio with @RealSway IFlosstradamus (@flosstradamus) is spinning live on @realsway in the morning. IAries Spears (@ariesspears) is live in the studio with @RealSway IKirko Bangz (@kirkobangz713) on the show with @realsway this morning. IKevin Hart (@kevinhart4real) came thru and hung out with @RealSway this morning. II ishootnyc.comKickin it with Anders, Kyle, Blake and Adam @ the Super Bowl Media Suite. I ishootnyc.comThe Grind Doesnt StopAlyssa Milano and Marlon Wayans live with @RealSway Iwere up here with @RealSway at our Super Bowl broadcast. IChris Tucker was up here at our Super Bowl broadcast with @RealSway I IReggie Bush waa live with @realsway and @thehappyhourwhb at the Super Bowl Media Center. Iradio row. We in hereBehind the scenes at radio rowTook this a few weeks back when i visited my friend up in Massachusetts. I ishootnyc.comVanessa Hudgens (@vanessahudgens) came by the show to kick it with @RealSway last week. Watch her booty pop on too crazy but I really like the textures and reflections in this shot IIce Cube came through and blessed us with some rhymes. @realsway was excited.. Can you tell?.. Check for the full interview Friday. IThe newest member of The Lox. I @therealjadakissThe LOX are here LIVE! IWorkin. I ishootnyc.comWhere? I @willdivide2 of 2. Which one do you like? While enjoying some relaxing and quiet time in MA, my friend Ashley took me to this beautiful location. I couldn’t help taking a photo Having left my camera back in NY,  all I had was  a mostly automatic galaxyS3. I ended up choosing two different white balances and can’t decide between the them. I ishootnyc.com1 of 2. Which one do you like? While enjoying some relaxing and quiet time in MA, my friend Ashley took me to this beautiful location. I couldn’t help taking a photo Having left my camera back in NY,  all I had was  a mostly automatic galaxyS3. I ended up choosing two different white balances and can’t decide between the them. I ishootnyc.comThe homie Duckzilla came through and hung out. I ishootnyc.comOld Mill. Westminster, Ma. I ishootnycDuck Hunt. I ishootnycTrekking through the woods with Ashley. I ishootnycHangin’ in the woods. ishootnycToday’s Breakfast/Lunch. They don’t mess around at Carl’s Oxford Diner. Huge portions. We need Guy Fieri to hit this place upProvidence, RI | ishootnyc. Harrahs Pool it’s goin down.Ethan Hawke in the studio with @RealSway IBehind the Scenes.. In the cut @dredlife @rohotmopfilmsishootnyc tweegram photooftheday amazing followme instalike igers picoftheday instadaily instafollow like instagood bestoftheday instacool instago  webstagram colorful style sky igdaily nyc instalove instaphoto igaddict instamood instagramhub jjBar red blackEmpire State. IWillem Dafoe is live in the studio with @RealSway IE40 (@e40) os live in the studio with @RealSway. IAt the office with Kanye post interview. IKanye West (@kanyewest79) was live in the studio with @RealSway. Check out for the intense interview in a few hours. IJonathan O’Hurley was here with @RealSway. IActor Stanley Tucci is live in the studio with @RealSway. ITrae the Truth (@traeabn) is live in in in the studio with @RealSway. ITank (@therealtank) is live in the studio with @RealSway. IOh Hell Yeah! Shout to @itstracyg on the look out. Thank YouRich Homie Quan (@richhomiequan) is live in the studio with @RealSway. IJennifer Hudson (@iamjhud) is live with @RealSway. IRyan Leslie (@ryanleslie) is live in the studio with @RealSway. IT Pain (@tpain) is live in the studio with @RealSway. IFeelin the fall colors. IKey and Peele (@keyandpeele) are live in the studio with @RealSway IHip-hop legend Bun B (@trillog) is live in the studio with @RealSway. IRashad Evans (@sugafly79) was in the studio with @RealSway. IJason Statham came by the show and kicked it with @RealSway this morning. II dont ever take photos with anyone who comes up to the show but last night i had to. Shout to @realsway, @robmarkman, and @neweryork. IIve been neglecting my instagram and haven’t put up any personal photos so im throwing this up for now. This picture is a shot of a location i really liked and will be utilizing in my short film. IMarsha Ambrosius (@marshaambrosius) on the show with @realsway this morning. IActor Corey Feldman on the show with @realsway this morning. IIm in love. Need these 11s in my life #11 @mistersinghLegendary Director/Actor Ron Howard (@ronhoward) is live in the studio with @RealSway. IPlies (@plies) is live in the studio with @RealSway. ILola Monroe (@theelolamonroe) is live in the studio with @RealSway. INipsey Hussle (@nipseyhussle) is live in the studio with @RealSway. IJohn Lithgow is live in the studio with @RealSway. IDJ Paul (@djpaulkom) and Gangsta Boo (@gangstaboo) is live in the studio with @RealSway. IGuy Fieri (@guyfieri) came by and hung out on the show with @realsway. He brought us some good food and tried Heather B’s (@thehappyhourwhb) BBQ chicken.. He was impressed. Expect HB on the food network in the future. IAdrienne Bailon (@adrienne_bailon) on the show with @realsway this morning. IHit Girl aka Carrie aka Chloe Grace Moretz (@chloegmoretz) in the studio with @RealSway this morning. IDavid Boreanaz (@david_boreanaz) was in the studio with @RealSway this morning. IDanny Brown (@xdannyxbrownx) in the studio with @thehappyhourwhb this morning. “Old” is out now! ISarah Michelle Gellar Prinze on the show with @realsway this morning. ISuzanne Somers aka Chrissy from Three’s Company is live in the studio with @RealSway. IEvelyn Lozada (@evelynlozada) is here with @realsway. INelly (@nelly_mo) is in the studio live with @realsway. ITaye Diggs (@therealdiggs) on the show with @realsway. Look for the interview on Monday @ IGina Gershon (@ginagershon) is live in the studio with @RealSway. IAnthony Anderson (@anthonyanderson) is here crackin us up on the show with @realsway. ISummer you will be missed. IA little inspiration for yaThe table tennis championship with @djwonderpics and @realsway. WHO WILL BE VICTORIOUS?Junior Reid (@juniorreidoneblood) is Live in the studio with @RealSwayCee Lo pimpin in them Gucci slippers kickin it with @RealSwayJanelle Monae (@Janellemonae) is here with @realswayWeekend workinJohn Legend (@johnlegend) on the show with @realsway this morning. IRaheem DeVaughn (@raheem_devaughn) is on the show with @realsway right now. IShot this a while back while on the road in Alabama. IJuicy J (@juicyj) on the show with @realsway this morningCharli Baltimore (@charlibaltimore) on the show with @realswayCharli Baltimore (@charlibaltimore) and Trick Trick (@tricktrickgs) on the show with @realsway this morningTurn up! Apparently there’s a party on the bus this morningJustin Timberlake (@justintimberlake) on the show with @realsway. Look out for the interview this evening on Swaysuniverse.comWiz Khalifa (@mistercap) on the show with @realsway. IMistah F.A.B (@fabbydavisjr1) on the show with @realsway this morningKeep it Positive.Little Man just wants to Dance. Will they let him in to the? Will they let him dance at the after party? I Find out more at ILittle Man just wants to Dance. Will they let him in to the? Will they let him dance at the after party? I (@willdivide) | I“I never knew i had it in me.. Comin’ as I do from the fire and all. How bout YOU folks?.. ” –  BORN FROM THE FIRE (@willdivide) | IMaino (@mainohustlehard) in the studio with @RealSwayMy favorite out of the shots I took of JCole (@realcoleworld). IShot this flick of JCole (@realcoleworld) a while back at show in NYC. IHaving fun shooting while scouting locations for a shoot. Dark TunnelsRead between ’em I@iamdiddy is the man for this. Lmao.Krizz Kaliko (@krizzkaliko) in the Sway in the Morning concert series with @RealSwayDJ/Producer Just blaze (@justblaze) is on with @RealSway right nowTrinidad James (@trinidadjamesgg) was here kickin it with @RealSway this morningFuture (@future) this morning with. @RealSway. IYelawolf (@catfresh) on the show this morning with @RealSway. IPeace in Chaos. I&wVado (@vado_mh) is up here witj @realsway and the a&r room ymcmbStalley (@stalley) up at the show spittin bars and breaking down his album and mixtape with @RealSwayRapsody (@rapsodymusic) & 9th Wonder (@9thWonderMusic) came by to kick it with @RealSway this morning. Check back for the @RapsodyMusic freestyle on Swaysuniverse.comFlo Rida (@official_flo) on the show with @RealSway this morning. See what he had to say about @diplo tomorrow on http://Swaysuniverse.comDMC of RUN DMC on the show with @RealSway this morningRiff Raff (@jodyhighroller) showin off his kick game on the show with @realswayRiff Raff (@jodyhighroller) came by and spit some bars for you non rappin ass rappers with @realswayThe sky looks like something out of a movie http:/ishootnyc.comSummer in Times SquareWWE Divas The Bella Twins on the show this morning with @RealSwayAdult Film Star Skin Diamond (@skin__diamond) on the show for the School of Segment with @itstracyg and @RealSwayMel B (@officialmelb) aka Scary Spice on the show with @realsway this morningAahhh that Bhangra. (Definitely stolen from some where on the internets“IDEA”. Simply put, it caught my eye and I like how you can see the filamentsSunset in NYCHit Boy (@hitboy87) in studio with @RealSway. Check out the interview on Swaysuniverse.comHit boy (@hitboy87) with Audio Push in studio with @RealSway@therealtechn9ne in the studio for the Sway in the Morning concert series with @RealSwayLisa Kudrow aka Pheobe from Friends on the show with @RealSwayHaving an out of body experienceLegendary TATS CRU in the Lower East Side. Always enjoy seeing their workQueens Bridge, New York CityIndependence DayAmazing views from a friend’s rooftop in BrooklynBig Sean (@bigseangood) kickin it on the show with @realsway. Is there a Big Sean and Eminem collab coming? Find out tonight on Swaysuniverse.comThe Village, New York CityHDR on the L Train – Bushwick, BrooklynRoosevelt Island, New York@djwonderpics rippin shit up on the yachtIm on a boatDanielle Bradbury winner of The Voice on the show with @RealSwayAsher Roth (@asherroth) came by and got his hair braided by @itstracyg during his interview with @RealSwayJason Statham (@realjasonstatham) gettin “Crank-ed” on @RealSway on the show this morningChamp Adrien Broner (@adrienbroner) on the show with @realsway talked about his upcoming Rap Battle with @murdamookElijah Wood (@woodelijah) on the show with @realswayRoselyn Sanchez (@roselyn_sanchez) on the show with @realsway this morningRoselyn Sanchez (@roselyn_sanchez) puttin that perreo on @realsway during her interviewMaster P and his daughter, singer, Cymphonique (@cymphonique) came thru and demonstrated why shes the next to do it. @realswayProdigy (@prodigymobbdeep) came thru yesterday and talked about his new project with Alchemist. @realswaySeth Rogen (@sethrogen) came by and had us cracking up. @realswayFire in the New York City skyRussell Brand (@mr_russell_brand) wildin out on the show with @RealSwayJerry Oconnell brought his wife Rebecca Romijn (aka mystique) some coffee during her interview with @realsway. What a nice guyAwesome sign by @craftycoco for a commercialRandom InspirationSilver Cup Studios in NYC where countless tv shows and movies have been filmedAwesome card by @djhuggybear. No requests. Only hugsDavid Lee Roth of Van Halen charged up during one of his classic stories. @realswayDavid Lee Roth of Van Halen showed off his Japanese tattoo with us yesterday. @realsway@realsway and @questlove sharing some funny storiesAZ of The Firm with @realsway this morningAZ freestyled for the citizens as QuestLove (@questlove) beatboxed. @realswayMaria Menounos (@mariamenounos78) and her fine self on the show Wednesday. @realswayJay Pharoah (@jaypharoah) had us crackin up this morning. @realswayWale (@walemmg) premiered his Bad remix ft @badgalriri for @realsway and the citizens this morningKhloe Kardashian (@khloekardashian) hangin out with @realsway on the show this morningB.O.B (@bobatl) hangin out on the show this morning. @realswayRay J (@rayj) on the show this morning. @realsway&bMaury hitting the streets. Who’s your daddy? For all the baby mommas and the baby mommas mommasLil Jon (@liljon) aka Pequeno Juan on the show this morning. @realswayWayne Brady (@mrbradybaby) throwing up the Roc during the 5 fingers of death. Jay-z needs to sign this man! @realswayIts almost Summer time in New York CityI need one of these in my lifeTalib Kweli (@talibkweli) on the Sway in the Morning Concert Series with @RealSwayDavid Allen Grier on the show this morning with @RealSwayMac MIller aka @larryfisherman on the show yesterday@Wyclef came through for the Sway in the morning concert series with his Ak-47 Gat-tairDon Cheadle talked and with @realsway this morningCheech, Chong, and Snoop in the studio this morning. @realswaySnoop Lion aka Snoop dogg on the show this morning. @realswayDJ Kool on Sway in the Morning live from DC @realswayThat original @nehrujacketsVivica A. Fox with Heather B. On the show this morningDiggin in my crates. THE DOORS greatest hitsRITTZ (@Rittz) on Sway in the Morning with @thehappyhourwhbThe Ghost Styles P on Sway in the morning yesterday. @realswayNick Lachey of at the show this morning. @realsway @nicklacheyDiggin in my crates. The Eagles LiveOn the set of NORE’s (@mrsuperslime) directed by @wmmillionsOn the set of NORE’s (@mrsuperslime) new video directed by @wmmillionsTyga (@kinggoldchains) came thru and spit some bars this morning. @realswayDiggin in my crates PHONE TAP on Vinyl with the instrumental. Only limited promo vinyls had thatDan Aykroyd came by and shared his crystal head vodka with crew this morning @realswayBig Daddy Kane and band ripped it during the concert series this morning @realswayDiggin in my crates. Eric B. and Rakim Paid in FullAshley Tisdale (@ashleytis) came by and twerked on the show this morning. @realsway@KandiBurruss dropped by the show this morning. @realswaysuperstar @ChrisJericho brought the walls of jericho to crew this morningArt Program for the kids with @urnewyork. HotMop Films production@ChrisBrown came by to hit @realsway with an exclusiveThe @KidCapri came by and hung today @realswaySchool Boy Q (@groovyq) spit some heat for us this morning @realswayMuthafuckin Ari Gold (@jeremypiven) came through this morning. Dude was cool as hell and who knew he was a hiphop enthusiast @nahgeeisn @realsway “LETS HUG IT OUT BITCH!”Watchin the homie @realsway in action on MTVs Rap Fix Live@Avant serenaded the ladies of the show this morning. @realsway @nahgeeisnThe beautiful and talented Ms Lauren London shared some laughs with us. @realswayCasey Veggies (@youngveggies) came through and spit some thing for us this morning. @realswayLate night on the subway in queens, nyc. Photo by @nahgeeisn. @subway_picsSteve-O came through the show this morning @realswayThrowback central mixtapes and a tape from when did college radio @djgreenlantern @mrchoc @supadupe @djspinbadNaughty by Nature’s Vinny and KayGee came by and kicked it with us this morning. @realsway@keshiaknightpulliam aka Rudy came through the show this morning @realsway @nahgeeisnMC Jean Grey (@jeangreasy) came through with some breakfast for the crew @realsway @nahgeeisnThe Vampire Diaries Ian Somerhalder (@ianjsomerholder) came by this morning@MeganHilty of telling @realsway about her new album “It Happens All The Time” on @nahgeeisn.comThinking of warm NYC days. Photo by @nahgeeisn.comTwisted Sister’s @DeeSnider came by today.comSevyn Streeter (@7ev) literally blew @realsway away on the mic @nahgeeisn&bTerrance Howard came through the show this morning snow and all ” its hard out here for a pimp @realswayAwesome flick of @realsway and Sways co-host Kanye West’s TVEmpire State Building. Photo by @nahgeeisn@mrsuperslime aka NORE aka PAPI at the show today @nahgeeisn.comClive @nahgeeisn@vado up here # came by this morning. Interview up this week on @nahgeeisn.comI dont know who made this but i think its amazing. Look up in the sky and just fade awayMarch 4, 2013 (8:09 pm)Born in the city. Photo by @nahgeeisn.comTerrell Suggs came by the show the other day.comFebruary 28, 2013 (6:23 pm)@billbellamy @realsway@bilal came thru thr show @realsway@projectpat @realswayTyler (@feliciathegoat) Jasper(@nastyboyjasper) and Taco (@yungtaco) on.comTyler the Creator (@feliciathegoat) @realswayLunch/Breakfast. Omelet with onions and turkey topped with avocado, ketchup and sriracha hot sauceGame of thrones. Symphony in the streetGame of thrones ice sculpture in union squareSaturday night flow. Wine and edits. The hustle continues@reginaking kickin it @realswayOmarion came thru this morning. 12, 2013 (5:04 pm)Why I encouraged @producerjazz to light stuff on fire and then proceed to help I don’t knowStopped in for a few with the homie @willdivide and Found A Tribe Called Quest @ Numbers. They actually have a few gems in thereNumbers Records. The first place I ever bought vinyl @willdivideThe Beautiful and Funny @gabunion.comA shoot a did a while back with a bit of Lomo effectSaturday Night Flow. Follow meOn the screen@willdivide killin it right now.My throwback for the week. Miss these. IPUSHA em outMuthaeffin of 112&b.comBrooklyn Bridge. New York.comfrom @nickygeezyOne from the archives.comWelcome to New York CityVanilla Ice Ice Baby.comMaggie Grace from and.comCyndi Lauper. Girls just wanna have fun #NYC.comWhen the homies @urnewyork & @ski_ur_newyork were hustlin on the block. Now you can catch em at. URNEWYORK.COM.comIt is what it Just messing aroundJon Bones Jones and Chael SonnenThe fine as hell Kimora Lee Simmons (@officialkimora) on the show today. The interview will be up later this week on @realswayInsane.@lukeperry #90210.comBe MotivatedHard in the paint. @WakaFlockaFlame.comWake up! Wake up! Back on radio @realsway @djrevolutionloosies foolsgold swayinthemorning flashdrive music nycloosies foolsgold swayinthemorningtattoo ink memeThe Legend @djrevolution @NahGeeISNSecond Generation another day at the show. @kimkardashian @kourtneykardashianOh snap. World premiere on @djwonderpics “TROOP LOOP” directed by @nahgeeisnJanuary 14, 2013 (4:39 pm)I saw this house in amish country and thought it looked coolTreesMuthaf’n Hank Moody. @davidduchovny check out on monday for the full winter nightsDoin it since back in the daysbrooklyn nyc random streetphotography instaphoto instagood instadaily photooftheday bestoftheday igdaily like life nyc nofilter ishootnyc nahgeeisnAnother designLove me some muthaf’n tacosA video still of something I created.comNYCIncredible amazing goodnessDJ WONDER “TROOP LOOP” Music Video coming soon. DJWONDER.COMSo hungryIn the lab with @willdividelife deep desire. igdailyfriends alcohol sarcasm shenanagins randomVintage record bag owned by the homie @willdivideFugees “killing me softly remix” limited edition vinyl.comIndian Chili chicken. Pops be killin it. Mix this with some Johnny BlackAww yeah custom Christmas cookie. Good lookin @nickygeezyA sweet sweet gift from our sweet friend @nickygeezySomething i accidently created. Love how exploring new things can create something so dope Ishootnyc.comPolice Notice. Take CoverB.O.B aka Bobby Ray came through and kicked it with us.O.BLook at these bastards schemin the touristsThe legend. Interview on This weekGettin my chef’n on. Its been a while. I love night puttin in that workQUEENS. NY.comBlack Thought of The Roots. Intv on$E“Surveillance” I need to shoot moreThat’s the homie Little Man. @willdivideIts goin doooownPop rocksCaprica 6. Mmmfun fast cheap easy randomny random nyc ny igdaily instadaily instaphoto like ishootnycA random I took some howcame by the show. This is what a looks like.. Team USAThe Legend Iron Mike Tysonshrooms mushroom pizza Jacksonville getit wonderland aliceBEWARE MY FRIENDS.. BEWAREjoker photographer photo batman picoftheday. photooftheday instaphoto insta instadaily nikon artCarmen ElectraShaggyBefore Shepard Fairy there was “They LiveBulletin boardLets get the startedThephotooftheday nyc empirestate instaphoto instaTennessee chocolate maxbrenner yumLove this. Hilarious!!!Photo by @nahgeeisnphoto by @nahgeeisnphoto by @nahgeeisnNeed this in my lifehot wet ohyeahPhoto by @nahgeeisnphoto by @nahgeeisn #2012benders#2012fire flames burn